8th Grade – Mr. Langford

Welcome To 8th Grade!

Teacher:  Phillip Langford

I grew up in Santa Maria California on the central coast and remember my parents always taking me and my four sisters to church. I prayed to receive Christ at a young age but my faith didn’t really have much effect on my behavior or speech until Junior High School. At a church service, a visiting evangelist gave an alter call and the Holy Spirit touched me in such a profound way that it changed everything about me. My heart was changed so my behavior and speech changed, and I began sharing my faith with friends. This changed the trajectory of my life and my goals began to change to a future in ministry. I began serving as a youth pastor starting at 19 years of age.

I went to Biola University and majored in Christian Education and minored in Bible and psychology. After Biola, I continued serving as a youth Pastor and eventually worked with extremely troubled youth at College Hospital. I have been teaching Middle School at Trinity Christian School for 19 years.

I enjoy Playing guitar, singing and song-writing, and painting with oil and acrylic paints. I have traveled to many states in the U.S., traveled to Canada several times, traveled to Hawaii, cruised the Caribbean, and enjoyed Cancun Mexico. I have two children ages 28 and 21.

Some Bible verses that especially speak to me about my ministry are: Isaiah 61:1-3