Does your child like to play on the computer? Do you not know where to go to find good clean fun?  Here are some interesting sites.  If  you have other sites that you would like for us to add please feel free to email us.

Fun, Cool, and Interactive Sites for Kids


A free public service to teach children to read with phonics

Fun School 
Play fun games while growing your online learning skills. 

Brain Pop 
See funny animated movies with Tim and Moby
to learn about science, health and technology. 

Try Science 
Try your hand at virtual frog dissections and more!
Conduct experiements online and at home.



General Reference and Homework Help

Homework Center

Discovery School Homework Help

Fact Monster

Subject-Specific Resources

Middle School Math

Jr. High Vocabulary

This Day in History

Unbound Bible

National Geographic

Solar System Simulator

Kid's News

Just for Fun

PBS Kids Educational Games

Disney Playhouse

Veggie Tales Games

Disney Kids Island

Sesame Street Games

Play Kids Games